San Fran


San Fran - Temporary Closure

San Fran - Temporary Closure

Wednesday 1 April, 5:00pm

Dated March 18, 2020 - Please note the April 1st date is a placeholder. Updates coming soon.

Dear San Fran whanau, fans, artists, promoters & contractors. 

We have made the bold/ difficult decision to temporarily close San Fran Venue. 

Effective immediately, all shows are cancelled or on hold. 

Tentatively, we plan to re-open the venue in April, but in such an unsettling time, staff and public safety is paramount. Details around specific event cancellations and rescheduling of tour dates will be announced when possible or when safe to proceed. 

Ticket holder questions specifically the validity of tickets for rescheduled dates or refunds for cancellations can be directed to the ticketing provider.
Our thoughts go out to our industry whanau in these tough times, we know that you all have woken up this week to the reality that you have no work for a unknown period of time - we hope you have the support you need, and we are here to chat or to answer any questions - if you reach out to us, we will answer. 

Our staff at San Fran are an amazing crew of multi talented casuals with a load of skills that we will be unable to provide shifts for during this temporary closure. If you know of someone who is looking for casual staff during this time, please let us know.
Look after yourselves and each other, especially the young, the old and the vulnerable. Keep an eye out on our social media and website for more updates. 

Kia kaha - without a doubt we’ll see you all again soon
Tim & Ziggy