San Fran


Racing with Mini Simmons

Racing with Mini Simmons

Saturday 14 December, 8:30pm

Auckland tropicalia groove maestros Racing are back on the road this summer for an onslaught of shows across the nation, and are being joined by blues rock 60s & 70s

guitar wranglers Mini Simmons, hitting San Fran December 14th!

The band take rock and roll and inject it with a chemical haze so potent the listener is left both pleased and punished. Once likened to “the thoughts of a crocodile in flood season”, Racing crafts a swirling sea of groove and hypnosis into rock anthems drenched in weird tropical dance music.

Mini Simmons is a Rock n Roll band from Auckland New Zealand dreamt up on the Pacific Highway of Mexico, Mini Simmons is a loose nod to the 60’s and have been making significant waves in 2019

Tickets on sale now!